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How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

If you’ve met me or can just tell from watching all my previous videos, I am probably the happiest, most positive person you’ve ever met….and why shouldn’t I be? I’m make LIVE weekly motivational videos that you guys love and have proven by subscribing to my channel, I have teachers and parents tell me that …

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The I Live Life brand is super excited to offer the awesome I Live Life and Champion brand crossover hoodie just in time for sweatshirt season. Aside from being one of the coolest brands around (to be honest this was and is one of my favorite brands) and being enormously popular back in the 90’s …

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Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis: I Live Life (ILL) Inspirational Documentary

This inspirational documentary was done in 2013 on Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis, the founder of the I Live Life (ILL) brand and cancer survivor by a video production group for a class project at Southern Connecticut State University. The project was designed to find someone who the project members felt really encompassed all of what SCSU …

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