Stevie Fresco and Candice Medley on CT Style WTNH

Stevie Fresco aka Steve Zarifis aka my brother and Candice Medley were on CT Style on WTNH. The show set records that day, they had the highest ratings and the most views it has ever had! I sat down with Fresco to get a better insight and go farther into what Stevie is about.

1) What genre is your music?

My influences are based mainly around Hip Hop and R&B but I don’t necessarily think I have a certain genre. because i don’t want to box myself in, people are going to do that anyway.No genre.

2)  What set your music apart from others?

What sets my music apart from other artists is that I put a lot of thought into what I release and put out for the public. I actually throw out a lot of my music because it either didn’t come out the way I had intended or because the beat and lyrics didn’t blend and mesh how I wanted them too. Everything always sounds different in your head vs what actually comes to fruition. My body mind and soul goes into my craft.

Stevie Fresco and Candice Medley  perform one of their newest songs “Right Now,” on stage 8.


3) What is your plan for  your music?

My plan for music is to not only support my family and myself, but to prove to people how much of an impact music has on the world. It’s as universal as universal gets. I don’t believe limits exist. I believe limits are mental blocks humans create in their minds based off of society’s norms, or from what has already been accomplished by others. I plan on breaking down boundaries and create a lane that hasn’t been seen.

4) What’s your favorite part of making music?

My favorite part of making music is witnessing an idea come to life. Being able to start with one thought that acts as a seed and watching it grow and develop into something more than I had intended. It’s exhilarating and keeps me motivated to never stop.

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