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I Live Life (ILL) to the Fullest

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When someone asks me how I live life to the fullest, my answer is simply to make every moment count. Life is short, and there is no reason for you not to smile and enjoy every second of it. Yes, tragedies do occur but they are meant to make you stronger. Many people wonder how to make every moment count. The answer is simple; always be optimistic and find the good in everything and everyone. Being optimistic about every situation that is thrown my way is how I life my life. If something isn’t going my way, I look to the brighter side and find positivity.

I have noticed being more positive in my daily life when I joined a sorority. Before I had 100+ sisters, I barely saw the light in things. When I developed this habit, I didn’t notice it until someone pointed it out to me. I was so used to being positive that it was just a part of my language and how I carried myself.  There have been few people who called my positivity being naïve, but I just brushed it off because those are the pessimists who only see the negative side. In my eyes, there is a huge difference in being naïve and optimistic. Although I do see the positivity, I am not blind sighted. It is extremely important to not live your life through one lens. I see the world through many different lights, but bringing out the positive is always most important.

Struggling with an obstacle is a person’s best opportunity to smile and find the positive light. One hurdle that I had to jump was leaving my friends at Southern Connecticut State University behind. I transferred to a new school this fall and the most difficult aspect was leaving my good friends in New Haven, Connecticut while I was moving south to Glassboro, New Jersey. Although this was tough and I had to make the decision for multiple reasons, I focused on the positive. Instead of dwelling on the negatives and having to start fresh, I focused on the fact that I get to start fresh and make another group of friends. I kept my head held high and didn’t let negativity get in the way. Staying positive throughout the process has made the transition much easier for me.

Through tragedy and triumph I have learned to look at the glass half full. I live my life with an upbeat outlook. From the moment I started being more positive, I have been a happier, well-rounded person. Think about it, would you rather surround yourself by negative people who bring you down, or positive people who lift you up? The obvious answer is positive people who lift you up. Being that upbeat influence is what pessimists need in their life. Pessimists are in constant search for the positivity but can’t find it because they cannot get past the tragedy or what ever is bringing he or she down. Be that positive influence! Be the person who lifts other people up. Now that I am that person for my peers, I am overall happier and I am proud to live my life with a smile.

– Hailey Klein

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