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For most people. This is a lot easier said than done. Of course, realistically we have obligations. Bills, Jobs, Kids.. Etc. So we take the safe route. The comfortable out, and we conform to this reality that we made for ourselves. We become trapped in a container that we eventually learn how to survive in and make ourselves happy. We lie to ourselves that this was the best decision. That this was the only way. --But what if you failed, even in this safe container. What if because of your unhappiness everything falls apart. What if its all a lie. That the container doesn't exist. That we are the container. --If you can fail at something you don't want, why not try at something you love? Life is going to happen either way. --One of my favorite speeches. #JimCarreyILIVELIFEILL.COM#liveyourlife#lifestyle#entrepreneur#motivation#design#success#Repost @_1percent_ #1percent

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