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#Repost @successdiaries#success #motivation #business #inspire #kfc #nevergiveup・・・If you feel like you're too old to achieve your dreams or feel like your time has past, this post is for you. The other night I was reading the incredible life story of Colonel Sanders. If you're struggling to accomplish your dreams, you need to read this below...-At age 5 his father died.-His step-father and him had a bad relationship.-In seventh grade he dropped out of school.-At age 13 he left home.-By the age of 17 he had already lost 4 jobs.-He got married when he was 18 and had a son who died from infected tonsils.-Later his wife left him since he couldn't keep a job.-He joined the army, but was discharged 4 months later.-He was a railroad conductor, but got fired.-He applied for law school and got rejected.-He became a fireman and later got fired.-He became a lawyer, but lost his license after a courtroom brawl.-He became an insurance agent and again got fired.-At the age of 65 he retired his life up until this point was nothing but failure.-He decided to commit suicide, but he again failed.-One day he decided to write out a will, but instead of writing what he would pass on when he died he wrote down what he would accomplish with his life.-During the Great Depression he began serving chicken dishes out of his living quarters it became such a big hit that he opened a restaurant.-With his recipe he went door to door selling his chicken. He gained so much popularity that he was commissioned as Kentucky Colonel.-Later, he acquired a motel that he attached a restaurant to. That was burnt down by a fire shortly after.-He went back to work on his chicken recipe and got a job cooking-He later started the franchise Kentucky Fried Chicken and built his empire.-The story of Colonel Sanders is a powerful one of perseverance. No matter how many times you fail in life. No matter how old you become. You can always do what you have dreamed of.-Think if he would have given up after any of his failures. Think if he would of actually committed suicide. Think if at age 65 he stayed retired and just coasted until death. Never ever ever give up!!

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