how to be happy

How To Be Happy | Part 3

Alright, you have to remember guys that no one is going to completely fight your battles for you, YOU have to put in the effort… In order to be happier you should be making a list of all things you need. The skills that you absolutely need to build on, the knowledge that you need …

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How To Be Happy | Part 2

Step 1: You gotta take care of you. You see, us, as individuals are the biggest factor of why we are either happy or unhappy. In my opinion, positivity and being happy is always the way to go. Step 2- Patience is super important. All of your hard work (assuming your putting in hard work …

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How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

If you’ve met me or can just tell from watching all my previous videos, I am probably the happiest, most positive person you’ve ever met….and why shouldn’t I be? I’m make LIVE weekly motivational videos that you guys love and have proven by subscribing to my channel, I have teachers and parents tell me that …

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