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Level Up In Life – Motivation

Level Up In Life - Motivation

Leveling up is not just for your video games, you’re not going to have to hit any brick blocks in order to get coins and win in this game. Level up in life, because, make no mistake, life is a game. The first step in leveling up is to keep learning. Learn what YOU like. …

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How To Be Happy

How To Be Happy

If you’ve met me or can just tell from watching all my previous videos, I am probably the happiest, most positive person you’ve ever met….and why shouldn’t I be? I’m make LIVE weekly motivational videos that you guys love and have proven by subscribing to my channel, I have teachers and parents tell me that …

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How To Add Value To Your Life

Add Value To Your Life

SUBSCRIBE: youtube.com/ilivelifeill   Learn how you can add value to your life with these tactics that will help you to live life to the fullest! First and foremost, remove all the negativity in your life. You do not need it. Take all you negative thoughts and throw them out the window. Literally throw the negativity away …

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