7 Awesome Back To School Tips For Students

It’s that time of year that everyone is going back to school after summer vacation. I know what you’re all thinking, awww now the fun is over, but just because it’s no longer summer, does not mean that the fun is over. Here are 7 awesome back to school tips for students that will keep you motivated in the classroom and will make you want to keep on learning even though your favorite season has come to an end…and yes, I know that school is not everyone’s cup of tea, but hopefully after reading this you will stay motivated and enjoy the school year.

New year, fresh start. Treat your return to school as a fresh start for you to reach bigger and better things. Success is achieved on a day-by-day basis, so there is no rush. Take your time.

Be kind. Being genuinely nice to people, to students and teachers, will make a huge difference on how your school year goes. No one wants to be friends or be around the rude and obnoxious kid, but people will like and actually want to be friends with someone who smiles, who is polite, holds the door open for people, and works hard. Be kind to the unkind people as well because usually those are the people that need it the most.

Picture of Jim 'Jimbo' Zarifis with Be kind to Unkind people motivational quote
Be kind to unkind people – Jim Zarifis

Never worry about failing or getting a problem wrong.

The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes. If it wasn’t difficult you wouldn’t be learning. Work is supposed to be hard. That is how you learn. Don’t ever give up! Thomas Edison said, “I will not say I failed 1000 times, I will say that I discovered there are 1000 ways that can cause failure.”

People do not care how long you take on a test.

If you’re one of the many student’s that is like me when I was in school, it takes you longer to complete a test. That is 100% fine. There is no need to get anxious and think that you have to speed through your test because nobody cares about how fast you can take Mr. Sullivan’s math test. There is no police that time how fast or how slow a test taker you are. Take your time, double check your answers and get 100%.

Stay away from all the drama.

A lot of the stuff that gets kids mad or upset about at school and ultimately gets them in trouble is usually not even a big deal and can be easily fixed simply by talking and communicating with people. Stay out of other people’s business if it has nothing to do with you and does not help anybody. Focus on yourself and get your work done.

But That's None Of My Business No Drama Kermit Meme on ilivelifeill.com

Set personal goals for yourself at school. This blog post will help you: Goal Setting Techniques For 2021

Do you want to get better at reading? Set a goal for yourself that you will read a certain amount each night. If you want to get better at writing, make sure you learn a new word or new words each day, maybe download a word of the day app or visit dictionary.com to learn some new vocab that you can use in conversation.

Ask questions.

A lot of kids get frustrated that they can’t do their homework or don’t understand a problem. The best way to fix your problem is by asking questions.  It’s never ok to say, “I can’t do this”, what you should say is, “I can’t do it YET”.

Put in the work.

If you follow this list of 7 back to school tips for students and you work hard you will have a great year. I’m learning and reading every day, just because I graduated and got my master’s does not mean the learning ends. Life is a journey and learning is a part of that journey that will get you to a great destination.

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