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How To Get Smarter - 5 Ways To Get Smarter blog post on

Learn how to get smarter with these 5 tips, like how to become smarter overnight and even learn how to smarter while you sleep!


Tip #1: Cram before you go to sleep. I did this a lot in when I was in school because it definitely helps you remember, I studied at night rather than in the morning or in the middle of the day and would find out that I would do better than my friends who did the opposite of me on a test. So study for that test or your notes for your presentation before bed rather than in the A.M because studies have shown that sleep definitely helps with stabilizing newly learned memories.


Tip #2: Listen to pink noise while you sleep because it could help you remember more and will help you retain information. What I mean by pink noise are those lower frequency sounds of pink noise. Like steady rain or a waterfall or the ocean waves…sounds like those could help you with consolidating memory and turning what you learned that day at work or in school into long term memory.


Tip #3: Workout. Working out and exercising at all ages has been shown to improve many different cognitive functions, such as concentration and memory. In a study of adults who were 65 or older, the ones who exercised 4 times a week cut the risk of dementia in half compared with those who were not active at all or only exercised one day a week, so it looks like this is connected to an increase in not only circulation but also bringing nutrients and oxygen to the brain while at the same time removing waste.


Tip #4: Sleep 7 hours. Believe me I’m still working on this one. So obviously we know that sleep can affect our brainpower in sooo many ways. But as we also know too much of anything is never good either. 7 hours is the ideal amount of sleep you want for the best results. Those who sleep fewer than 5 or more than 9 actually perform worse on cognitive tests, as one study that involved 70 year old women showed.

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Tip #5: Social interaction. A study that was done in 2015 showed that those with less frequent social interaction was associated with a higher incidence of new cases of dementia.  So be social by going out and hanging out with friends and seeing your family, because staying active in social groups could help keep your brain healthy as you age. I know a lot of you reading are like “oh, I better get rid of my video games and be more social”

But do not do that, because a recent review of research found that gamers showed improvements in the brain regions involved in attention. Video games are even being developed now to modify regions of the brain that control mood…There is also evidence that playing video games can increase the size of and efficiency of the regions of the brain that control visuospatial skills….

Be careful with video game though because even though they can be very good, video games can also be addicting because of the changes they cause in the brains reward system.

Do you have any tips on how to get smarter that were not listed? Comment below and share your wisdom!



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