Pencils Of Promise Global Community- I Live Life

Pencils Of Promise Global Community- I Live Life

Pencils of Promise is a non-profit organization that builds schools and increases educational opportunities in the developing world, making this an awesome organization and charity that I Live Life donates to.

According to Pencils of Promise has impacted over 200,000 students!

Pencils Of Promise Students
Pencils Of Promise Students

Teacher Support

Teacher Support program equips teachers with innovative methodologies and age-appropriate, dynamic materials to enhance the national curriculum. PoP unites teachers through collective workshops where skills are introduced and practiced and then provides support through one-on-one coaching sessions where skills are reinforced and discussed. PoP strives to increase student literacy outcomes by providing teachers with new methodologies, engaging materials, and ongoing, individualized support.

Pencils Of Promise is on their way to 14,000 teacher coaching sessions!


Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs are globally-recognized efforts that, when implemented at the school level, provide a safe and healthy environment for students by decreasing students’ risk of illness and, ultimately, giving them the opportunity to be more present in the classroom. Our WASH program is straightforward: provide the infrastructure (e.g., toilets), distribute water filters, and educate students and communities on healthy behaviors (e.g., handwashing). These interventions are supported by global evidence to make a lasting and meaningful impact in the communities we serve.

849 water filters have been delivered by the Pencils Of Promise organization!

Going Beyond the Build

We build quality infrastructure in order to provide students with learning environments that have adequate space and materials to foster learning. All PoP partner schools are public primary schools owned and operated by government entities and community members.

We partner with local Ministries of Education to identify communities with a high need for investment in infrastructure. We work closely with each community to understand their specific needs and support them in securing their (up to) 20% contribution to the project, in either labor or materials. Together, we build new classroom blocks over the course of 3-8 months (depending on the country) and remain connected with communities over time to fulfill our commitment to the partnership.

Currently Pencils Of Promise has completed 563 school build projects!

was founded by Adam Braun in October 2008 and is a 501 organization with education programs in Laos, Guatemala and Ghana.

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