I Live Life – The New Brand In Roblox Metaverse

I Live Life- The Newest Brand To Enter The Metaverse With Virtual Wear On Roblox
I Live Life- The Newest Brand To Enter The Metaverse With Virtual Wear On Roblox
A screenshot of Jim Zarifis’ Roblox Avatar in front of the I Live Life shop

The I Live Life brand has joined the likes of the NFL and famous fashion brands Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Vans and Gucci in the Roblox metaverse with the recent creations of the I Live Life virtual wear collection and I Live Life Shop!

First things first, many people reading this are probably asking what is the metaverse? Well, the metaverse can be many things because there are many different types of metaverses and worlds out there. For example, Roblox, Decentraland, and Sandbox are different worlds in the metaverse. The question of what exactly is the metaverse is tricky because that is like asking what is the internet. There is not one answer to that question because no one knew back then what the internet would eventually turn into and no one knows now exactly how the metaverse will play out. In an article on gq.com I read that Cathy Hackl, who is the CEO and Chief Metaverse Officer of the consultancy Futures Intelligence Group, whom is often called the “godmother of the metaverse said, “What we’re really talking bout is the future of the internet.”

Visit the I Live Life Shop here: https://www.roblox.com/users/3078444793/profile#!/creations
Roblox T-shirt Graphics aka Roblox Virtual Wear is only 2 Robux for a limited time!


She said that the first era of the internet—Web 1.0—facilitated the transmission of information, while Web 2.0 connected people, creating the sharing economy that is dominated by companies like Spotify and Facebook. The Chief Metaverse Officer says, “We’re at the evolution of Web 2.0, [and] we’re heading into web 3.0,” which will connect people, locations, and things. “And these people, spaces, and assets can be, sometimes, in a fully virtual synthetic environment.” She’s careful to clarify that the metaverse isn’t something that is owned by or exists on one particular platform—rather, it “is enabled by many different technologies. It’s not one technology and it’s not one company.” And while the metaverse can be experienced in virtual spaces, like virtual reality that’s not the only way we’ll experience it.

By visiting the Creations tab on the @ilivelifebrand profile you will find I Live Life t-shirts for your avatar to match your “real life” merch. https://www.roblox.com/users/3078444793/profile#!/creations

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