I Live Life- Lightbulb Moment Episode 1- Kevin Hart and Eric Thomas

In Episode 1 of the Lightbulb Moment by I LIVE LIFE (YouTube Podcast), which is hosted by Jim Zarifis you will learn who can hold you back the most in life.

The I Live Life powerful motivational video podcast features an interview with comedian Kevin Hart and an inspirational speech with Eric Thomas aka The Hip Hop Preacher.

In the first episode of Lightbulb Moment, after Zarifis’ intro, Kevin Hart does not hold back and starts off on a motivational rant by saying, “Your biggest enemy is you.”

He continues with, “People don’t understand that it is you against you.”

“Nobody else.” “It’s you.”

Kevin Hart is 100% correct. I also think that we are the ones who can hold ourselves back the most.

We decide whether to procrastinate or to continue thinking about the past.

We are the ones who can decide to keep moving forward and crush through our roadblocks in life.

A clip of an inspirational speech by Eric Thomas follows with The Preacher stating that he needs you to confront you because you are the one holding you up.

He says, “I need you to look in the mirror and tell you that you are not gonna do me like this no more.”

“You’re not going to continue to sabotage me, you’re not.”

“You’re not going to keep procrastinating, I need you!” “You’re not!”

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