10 Random Acts of Kindness Anybody Can Do

You know what’s cool? Being kind is cool. There needs to be more positivity in this world because the negativity in the world is too loud and get too much attention. The media doesn’t help by always focusing on the negative and bad people and not focusing nearly as much as they should on the positivity and the good people. That is why I compiled this list of ten things anybody can do to kindness into the world.

What Are 10 Random Acts of kindness anybody can do?

  1. Say hi to someone new today, someone that you don’t know because smiling is contagious and will spread.
  2. Hold the door open for someone.
  3. Recognize community heroes, remember not all heroes wear capes, so say thank you to those who help you everyday like your parents, your teachers, police officers, firefighters, etc.
  4. Give an unexpected compliment.
  5. Leave a positive sticky-note on a friend’s or co-worker’s desk.
  6. Stop to assist someone who looks lost.
  7. Pick up some garbage even if it’s not yours.
  8. Give up your seat on a plane so other travelers can sit together.
  9. Pay for the coffee or donut of the person behind you in line.
  10. Don’t forget to treat yourself for no reason because you deserve kindness too. 

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