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I Live Life- A Registered Brand With Amazon

I Live Life is a registered trademark with the Unites States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO).

The trademarked brand is also included on the list of top brand’s registered with Amazon! Amazon is protecting the I Live Life brand by constantly developing, investing in, and improving their protections. Being a brand with Amazon I Live Life has a Amazon URL website address

Wearing I Live Life merch makes you an exclusive member of the I Live Life community and you will instantly feel the positive vibes when you wear an original I Live Life product.

being on Amazon

Utilizing Amazon Posts, an amazon advertising tool for brands who are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the I Live Life brand improves I Live Life product discovery. Amazon Posts is a shoppable feed on Amazon, who as I’m sure you all know is the biggest retailer on the planet. With Amazon Posts I Live Life’s brand story is shared and products are shown in action with lifestyle imagery.

Think Instagram but purely for Amazon shopping and you will get Amazon Posts.

Selling on Amazon also allows users to use the Amazon gift cards that they receive to grab free I Live Life merch for themselves or others.

By simply using Amazon Smile when customers order I Live Life products, customers will have the ability to support their favorite charitable organization every time.

The ability to be selling on Amazon as well as being a brand working with Amazon is very cool and as you can see has man benefits.

As of now 98% of all I Live Life sales comes directly from Amazon and the I Live Life amazon store!

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