Put Your Hands in the Air for Pappa

Anthony Pappa hits it out of the park!

Pappa Home Run

Like Matty (read the post about Matty) was in 2014, Pappa was assigned to my cabin at Camp Rising Sun back in 2013, my first year as a counselor at CRS.  I learned Pappa had had Eosinophilic Granuloma of the Mastoid. That in no means stopped the kid from living life to the fullest. I quickly learned that one of Pappa’s favorite places at CRS was the famous wiffle ball stadium. I learned that he loves baseball and plays shortstop, center field, and pitcher. And if you know me I love baseball and used to play shortstop as well as many other positions. So, instantly there was a bond.  Obviously since his last name is Pappa whenever he went up to the plate Biggie Smalls – “Big Poppa” came to mind.  I talked recently with Pappa and he earned the position of being the captain of both his baseball team and wrestling teams, he was ecstatic, of course, and truly earned it by always believing in his teammates and the tons of hard work he put in. Anthony gets good grades at school, and he makes special bonds with people. Big Pappa is ILL and truly knows that they key to life is to TRULY live it. He doesnt let setbacks keep him back, he is beating the odds, and he lives the I Live Life lifestyle. I am proud to call Anthony Pappa my friend.

cabin 4 2013

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