How To Be Happy | Part 3

Alright, you have to remember guys that no one is going to completely fight your battles for you, YOU have to put in the effort… In order to be happier you should be making a list of all things you need. The skills that you absolutely need to build on, the knowledge that you need to obtain and gain in order to complete certain tasks so you could check them off your list, and the part that is hard and difficult for most of us is you need to write down the weaknesses that you have and NEED to accept. I like to end my lists on a positive note so listing your strengths should be last. Because who doesn’t like to write how awesome thet are

You ever realize how all of us are kinda starting off our day unhappy? You know we all do it. Right when we wake up, it’s always “Ughh, I’m soo tired, I don’t even wanna get out of bed” or “It’s soo ugly outside, I already know it’s going to be bad day.” Well how bout instead of being so negative right off the bat every morning, when you wake up you’re like “I’m excited for today.” And you go splash some water in your face to wake up because you WANT to have a productive and a happy day. Hah, that just made me think of the show Happy Days and “AHHH”, like the Fonz. But…You know what? I mean, obviously we all know that was a TV show but just like how that made everyone happy, you could set your phone to wake you up in the morning with your favorite song or funny jokes. I just downloaded this ringtone from one of my favorite scenes in Seinfield (watch the video below to see)…  You see , it’s that simple. It’s about how you react to situations.

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