RESPECT THE HUSTLE | Motivational Series | I Live Life Weekly Motivation by Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis


Respecting the hustle and working hard. Now I don’t want anyone to overthink this because that’s what can kill your happiness, that’s what kills your ability to take action, to take risks to see what you can achieve in your life because if you always give a hundred and ten percent, I know it sounds harsh and like a lot but if you always give that 110%…because let’s be honest no one remembers that first 100%. Everyone remembers that little extra 10% that you gave you. For me, I make shirts, I make apparel, so if I’m making apparel and I hit a road block and let’s say I’m almost done with my design but I’m a hundred I’m a hundred percent done I just need to tweak it a little bit to make a really good design, if I hit that road block, I’m gonna push through I’m gonna keep pushing because I’m not gonna let that whatever that roadblock is at that time, I’m not gonna let that stop me because that extra 10% is what everyone is gonna remember so I made an acronym, an abbreviation for I Live Life… I.L.L., well there’s also an abbreviation for fear. F.E.A.R. Now, the abbreviation that most people know or if they don’t know it, it seems like most people follow this. When they think of fear they think of Forget Everything And Run but no that’s not what I think and that’s not what I think all you should think. I think everyone should think F.E.A.R is Face Everything And Rise. Rise to the occasion because if you rise to the occasion, give that extra 10% and take that action, risk it, hustle, respect the hustle, then you’ll see what you can achieve in your life, you will be so much more satisfied with yourself if you actually Face Everything and Rise. Rise to that occasion giving that hundred and ten percent, stop overthinking things because that’s what kills your happiness.


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