Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis: I Live Life (ILL) Inspirational Documentary

This inspirational documentary was done in 2013 on Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis, the founder of the I Live Life (ILL) brand and cancer survivor by a video production group for a class project at Southern Connecticut State University. The project was designed to find someone who the project members felt really encompassed all of what SCSU is. Inspiring, motivating, making sure people have a great time, and truly living life is what Jim ‘Jimbo’ Zarifis is all about. He turned a huge setback in his life into a comeback by fighting and beating cancer.  Life is what you make it, have a positive attitude, persevere forever because nothing should keep you down. Make the most out of life, making others happy is the true way how to gain happiness in your life. All in all, be ILL


Jim graduated from SCSU with a Master’s Degree and works as a teacher in Newtown, CT.


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